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Barkhor Street

The Barkhor Street in the old town of Lhasa is also known as "octagonal street", which is the most famous transvestite and commercial center in Lhasa. It was originally intended to be the "holy road" of the Tibetan people, but now it is gradually expanding into a general term for the old, old blocks around the Jokhang Temple. There will always be Tibetan people in the streets and Tibetan shops. Almost all the houses on the street are shops, selling Tibetan clothing and crafts, as well as goods from places like India and Nepal. The food is also indispensable, and many Lhasa restaurants are located here, such as maggie amie, wang zhongwang, guangming harbor, etc., so that you can taste all kinds of Tibetan delicacies at here. In addition, in the vicinity of barkhor street, there are also some religious cultural shrines, such as the secret courtyard, the imperial court, the ruins of hilde temple, the buddhist temple, the mosque, etc. You can fully savor the mysterious collision of various cultures.

Barkhor Street (Lhasa)

Location: Lhasa Old Town

Suggested Duration: 1 hour

Opening Hours:All day

Category:Cultural landscape