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Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery is the largest and most prestigious temple in Tibetan Buddhism, also the largest Tibetan Buddhism temple in the world. The whole monastery is such magnificent, with many of white buildings on the hillside, looks like a huge rice pile, known as "the clam". There are lots of buildings in drepung monastery, famous for its "gambian" and "the great hall", which is the four "zhaokang" and the kang village. It is also worth mentioning that the "largest kitchen in Tibet" next to the main hall of tsochin has served as the task of cooking and brewing tea for more than 10,000 monks in its heyday. To visit the drepung monastery, the most important activity cannot miss is the debating buddhist in afternoon. Normally, two monks one group, one sitting on the floor, the other one standing on the opposite, arguing the buddhist scriptures with exaggerated movements, very interesting. There is also another kind of debate —one monk against several monks. Drepung monastery will hold the largest Tibetan religious practice—display Buddha ceremony when the annual Shoton festival is coming, a Tangka which is a picture of giant Buddha will be displayed on the hillside, attracting a large number of believers and tourists to come to prayer, the scene is very spectacular.

Drepung Monastery (Lhasa)

Location: Western Suburb of Lhasa City

Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours

Opening Hours:09:00~14:00

Category:Cultural landscape