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Gyangze County

Gyangze, means "the peak of victory, the top palace of Dharma". Gyangze is located in the upper reaches of NyangQu River, 90 kilometers from Shigatse City. It is a historic city with a long history and famous attractions.

Gyangze is one of the national historical and cultural cities as well as a new tourist city. Zongshan, located in the center of the county, is now the only preserved old Tibetan government building site. Located in the western suburbs of the county, the Palcho Monastery built in 1418 is the only monastery where the three major sects of the Tibetan Buddhism gathered. The Pala Manor 2 kilometers from the county is the only preserved manor of the eight old Tibet noble aristocrats. The famous Mount Nojin Kangsang contains a variety of glaciers and is the most accessible continental ice and snow activity center on the Tibetan Plateau.

The Gyangze Horse-racing and Archery Festival was founded in 1408 and has become the largest regional festival in Tibet each year. The previous festival only contains horse racing, archery and horseback archery. Today, in addition to the retaining activities, the festival, also include a variety of tourism, cultural and sports activities.

Gyangze County (Tibet)

Altitude: 4,000 meters

Attractions: Palcho Monastery, Mount Nojin Kangsang, Pala Manor

Best Season:July to September

Suggested Duration:1-2 days