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Location: Middle East China

Suggested Duration: 3-6 days

Attractions:Anyang Ruins of Yin, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes, Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple

Language: Mandarin

Henan is located in the eastern part of China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. The name refers to "The south of Yellow River".

Henan is the birthplace of the Chinese nation and the Chinese civilization. Three of four major inventions of China-the compass, papermaking, gunpowder were invented in Henan. From the Xia Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, Henan has always been China's political, economic, cultural and transportation center. There have been more than 20 dynasties found a capital or move the capital in Henan. Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang, Zhengzhou, as well as Shangqiu, Nanyang, Xuchang and Fuyang are all famous ancient capitals. The province has the longest history of capital construction and has the largest number of ancient capitals.

There are numerous cultural relics, historic sites and abundant tourist resources in Henan. As of 2017, Henan has 6 world cultural heritages, 25 national key cultural relics protection units, and 13 national 5A-grade tourist attractions, including Anyang Ruins of Yin, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes, Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple, etc.

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