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Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar is located in the south of Mount Kailash, Tibet. The name means "Invincible Jasper Lake" in Tibetan language. Lake Manasarovar is surrounded by magnificent natural scenery. Since ancient times, Buddhist believers have honored it as the "World Center". It is also one of the three Sacred Lakes of Tibetan regions. With a transparency of 14 meters, Lake Manasarovar is the most transparent freshwater lake in China. It is also the birthplace of the four major rivers in Asia.

The lake is 4,588 meters above sea level, average depth is 46 meters, maximum depth is 81.8 meters, cover an area of 412 square kilometers, and a perimeter is 83 kilometers. It is said that Lake Manasarovar is the holiest lake, and the holy water can wash away the annoyance and troubles in people's soul. It is also the oldest and most sacred place in Buddhism, Hinduism, Bön, and Jainism. There are 8 Monasteries around Lake Manasarovar, which are located in every direction of the lake.

Lake Manasarovar (Ngari)


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