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Lake YamdrokTso

Lake YamdrokTso, The Tibetan language means "jade lake" and "swan pool", which is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, located in Nagarzê County . The lake is 4,441 meters altitude, 130 kilometers long and 70 kilometers wide, with a total length of 250 kilometers and a total area of 638km, the equivalent of 70 times of the west lake in hangzhou. The lake is 20-40 meters deep, with a depth of 60 meters and a volume of 14.6 billion cubic meters. It is a salt water lake and a tectonic lake. It is the largest inland lake in the northern foot of the Himalayas. It is also known as "the upper coral lake" in the Tibetan language.

Lake YamdrokTso (Shigatse)

Location: Nagarze County, Shannan, Tibet, China

Suggested Duration: 1 hour

Opening Hours:All day

Category:Natural landscape