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Lhanag-tso lake

Lhanag-tso, or Rakshas, is located in Ngari area, Tibet. The lake is only one road apart from the holy Lake Manasarovar but is a salt water lake. The name Lhanag-tso refers to "Poisonous black lake" and is called the "ghost lake" by local people, for the water of the lake cannot be drink by human or stock.

Being the neighbor of the holy lake, the landscape scenery of Lhanag-tso is charming while being called the ghost lake. In fact, the two lakes were one in ancient time, then the fragmentary material brought by the glacier heaped up in the center of the lake and raised the lake bed. Then because of global warming, the water evaporation became serious and the glacier decreased. The low quantity of water supply made the decrease of the lake.

Lhanag-tso lake (Ngari)


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