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Lhasa, hereinafter referred to as "la", is the capital of the Tibet autonomous region in China, with a plateau and national characteristics of international tourist city, is Tibet's political, economic, culture and science and education center, is also Tibetan Buddhism holy land. Located in the central part of the Tibetan plateau, north of the Himalayas, 3650 meters above sea level (to prevent endogenous oxygen deficiency), is located in the yarlung zangbo river tributary valley plain, the Lhasa river middle reaches Lhasa river flows through here, in the south into the yarlung zangbo river.

Lhasa is sunny and rainy all year round. There is no cold in winter, no heat in summer and pleasant weather. The annual sunshine time is above 3000 hours, the reputation of "sunshine city". Lhasa is rich in all kinds of resources, compared with other cities in the whole country and autonomous region, it has obvious resource advantages.

As the first batch of national historical and cultural city, Lhasa, with beautiful scenery, long history and unique customs, religious color is famous for its strong, has won the China excellent tourist city, European tourists favorite tourist city, national civilized city, the most secure city in China, the Chinese characteristic charm city top 200, top 200 world characteristic charm city, 200 changyou China 100 city and other honorary titles.

​In 2017, the Lhasa review confirmed that it will retain the honorary title of national civilized city.

Lhasa (Tibet)

Altitude: 3650 meters

Attractions: Potala Palace, Norbulingka, Jokhang Monastery, Ramoche Monastery, Sera Monastery

Best Season:March to October

Suggested Duration:2-4 days

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