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Longji Terraced Field

Longji Terraced Field is 77 km away from Guilin city. It is a large-scale terraced field. The terraces have an elevation of maximum 1180 meters and a minimum 380 meters. The whole scenic area is divided into Pingan Zhuang Nationality Terraced Field, Jinkeng Dazhai Red Yao Terraced Field, and Longji Ancient Zhuang Village Terraced Field. The terraced fields are magnificent and majestic and have the reputation of "the Top Terraced Field of the World". The Longji Terraced Field is a scenic spot based on rice farming culture, natural landscapes and ethnic minority cultural.

After decades of tourism development, the three scenic spots have their own unique features: Pingan Zhuang Nationality Terraced Field is the earliest developed scenic spot with beautiful and smooth lines; Jinkeng Dazhai Red Yao Terraced Field is surrounded by mountains resembles a natural sky hole, and is also the village where Red Yao people lives; and in Longji Ancient Zhuang Village Terraced Field, the stilted buildings are built on the mountainside, and the terraced fields embrace the village. Everything here is so primitive. There are still seven old houses in the village with a history of more than a century, the earliest one has more than 150 years. At present, a 100-year-old house and museum exhibition hall is open to the public for free.

In addition to the above three scenic spots, there also numerous folk tourism villages: Jinzhu Zhuang Village, which has been appraised as "Chinese landscape village". Huangluo Yao Village, the "long-hair village". Here, the harmonious and tranquil terraced field scenery and the inhabitable ecological environment attracting tourists from the whole world to come for a relaxing vacation. Here, people can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, have a meal or live in peasant homes, unleashing pressure and get close to nature, and truly integrated into the "idyllic" life. Now, Longji Terraced Field is becoming the preferred destination for world tourists.

Longji Terraced Field (Guilin)

Location: Longsheng County, Guilin

Suggested Duration: 1-2 days

Opening Hours:All day

Category:Natural landscape, Cultural landscape

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