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Naqu is a Tibetan city located in the north of Tibet, among Tanglha Mountains, Nyainqentanglha Mountains and Gangdise Mountain, with continuous mountainous regions and lakes.

Naqu region has a vast area with rich natural resources and unique cultural landscape. The grasslands in northern Tibet are beautiful and magnificent. Yangtze River, the mother river of the Chinese nation, originates from this land. The unparalleled views of the snow-covered highlands, numerous holy mountains and lakes, mysterious no man's land, and tempting natural caves are famous around the world. The annual Horse Racing and Art Festival attracts tourists with horse racing during the day and dances at night. The unique religious architecture and rich ethnic customs are even more amazing.

Naqu (Tibet)

Altitude: 4,450 meters

Attractions: Lake Namtso, Nyainqentanglha Mountain

Best Season:May to September

Suggested Duration:3-4 days

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