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Namjaparwa Peak

Namjaparwa peak is the highest mountain in the nyingchi region, elevation 7782 meters, highly ranked 15th in ranks the highest peak of the world, but in front of it 14 mountain Gao Shanquan is 8000 meters above sea level, so the south geba tile is 7000 meters mountain summits of ranges. It also has another name, "mu zhuo bar mountain", its huge triangular peak is covered with snow all year round, cloud and mist, never show the true face easily, so it is also known as "shame female peak". There are many explanations in the Tibetan language, one for "thunder and lightning", one for "the spear of the sky, and the other for the falling stone". The latter name is derived from the "gate ridge world war" in the biography of king gesar, which depicts the peak of the southern carpawa as a "spear piercing the sky".

Namjaparwa Peak (Nyingchi)

Location: Mount Himalaya, Nyingchi, Tibet

Suggested Duration: 1 hour

Opening Hours:All day

Category:Natural landscape

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