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Pelkor Chode Monastery

Palcho Monastery (or Pelkor Chode Monastery, Shekar Gyantse), is located in Gyantse County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, China. It is surrounded by mountains on the north, south, and east, and 3,900 meters above sea level. It is a monastery where the Tibetan Buddhist Sakya, Shalu, and Gelugites coexist.

Palcho Monastery was established in 1427 and took 10 years to be built. It is a typical Tibetan Buddhism monastery building combining pagodas and temples. It fully represents the typical style of monastery buildings in Tibetan area from the late 13th century to the middle 15th century. It is also the only religious art museum in China that combines architecture, painting and sculpture.

Palcho Pagoda is the most magnificent and most well-preserved architectural treasure in Tibet. The pagoda has 9 levels and is 42.4 meters high. The pagoda foundation covers an area of 2,200 square meters, in octagonal shape and has 5 layers. There are 20 Buddhist temples on the bottom of the pagoda and 4 on the fifth floor. Above the fifth floor is a round tower bottle, and the top is covered with thirteen levels of copper tower layers. The pagoda has a collection of various types of Buddha statues, over 100,000 statues of Buddha and nearly 1,000 murals. So, it is also known as the Ten Thousand Buddha Pagodas.

​Tshomchen is a well-preserved Assembly Hall of Palcho Monastery. The hall is a three-level architecture and has a collection of Buddha figures, Thankhas, murals and Buddhist texts. The ground floor has an 8 meters-high Sakyamuni bronze statue, which is said to be cast with 14,000kg of bronze. And the 48 columns are all decorated with ancient silk Tankhas. The upper floor contains five chapels with murals of Sakyapa lineage, three-dimensional model of mandala palace and sacred image of Tara, as well as images of Tsongkhapa, Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava and the Sakyapa lamas of the Lamdre lineage. The top floor is the Zhalyekhang chapel, which has 15 large mandala murals on the walls.

Pelkor Chode Monastery (Gyangze County)


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