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Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is one of the most magnificent heritages in China, also the highest altitude palatial architecture complex on earth. The Potala Palace was built in Tang dynasty (A.D. 7th century), was built for the marriage of Princess Wencheng and Songtsen Gampo (the king of the ancient Tibet). It has been becoming the residence of the dalai lama also for the major religious and political ceremony. The Potala Palace is a holy place for Tibetan Buddhism, and there are countless pilgrims and tourists who visit it every year. In March 1961, the state council was listed as one of the first national key cultural relics protection units. In December 1994, UNESCO listed it as a world heritage site; In January 2013, the national tourism administration was listed as the national AAAAA scenic spot. The Potala Palace is mainly consist of the red palace and the White palace. The highest red palace in the middle is an important place for religious ceremonies. The surrounding White House is mainly for the dalai lama's life and political activities. The palace also has some ancillary buildings, including the snow city under the mountain and the Lukang Park in the rear. The tour route of the Potala Palace is fixed and can only be guided along the travel route, which is a way of browsing a line. The halls of openness often change, but the most important palaces are open daily.

Potala Palace (Lhasa)

Location: No.35 Beijing Mid. Rd. Lhasa, Tibet, China

Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours

Opening Hours:09:00~12:00 15:30~16:30

Category:Cultural landscape