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Rombuk Monastery

The Rombuk Monastery is a Nyingma sect monastery lies in Shigatse, Tibet. Located in the altitude of 5100 meters, it is the highest monastery of the world. The terrain is high and cold, so the landscape is wonderful.

The Rombuk Monastery was founded in 1899 by a Lama of Mongolian Lamaism. It is located at the end of the Rongbuk Glacier in the northern foot of Mount Everest and is about 20 kilometers from the peak of Mount Everest. The monastery has the old and new sections. The old section is located 3 kilometers south of the new, close to Mount Everest. The old monastery still remaining the Padmasambhava's meditation cave. The new monastery was built in 1902 and was once much larger and had more than a dozen affiliated monasteries. Some affiliated monasteries were later destroyed due to historical reasons. There are now eight affiliated monasteries including a nunnery. Since Rombuk Monastery is about 20 kilometers from the top of Mount Everest, it has become a base camp for climbing Everest from the north slope. here is also a great place to watch and take photographs of Mount Everest. There is a pilgrimage route around the Rombuk monastery. In front of the main hall, there is an opera stage. Every important festival, local people will come here to see the Tibet Opera performance. The Mani Rock outside the gate is often used by photographers as a prospect of shooting Everest. The murals in the monastery are worst watching.

Rombuk Monastery (Shigatse)

Location: Shigatse, Tibet, China

Suggested Duration: 2 hours

Opening Hours:9:00-16:00

Category:Cultural landscape

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