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Sera Monastery

The Sera Monastery is one of the six main Monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Located on the foot of Sera Mountain, 3km north of Lhasa. Since ancient times, it has been the place where the eminent monks expound the texts of Buddhism. The architecture of the monastery is Tibetan style, and the temple hall is resplendent and magnificent. The perimeter of the temple is about 1.5 kilometers, so tourists are possible to visit the architectural of Sera Monastery on foot. The layout of the Sera Monastery is centered on the Tsochin Hall, and numerous buildings scattered around. Unlike the buildings of other monasteries and temples, Sera Monastery is not located symmetrically on the axis, but scattered among the mountains. There are many Buddhist statues in the monastery, and there are also a large number of sacred books, fine Thangkas, piling embroideries, murals and other valuable art treasures.

Sera Monastery (Lhasa)

Location: Foot of Sera Mountain, north of Lhasa

Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours

Opening Hours:09:00~16:00

Category:Cultural landscape