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Shannan, is the origin of Tibet and Tibetan culture, is the soul of Tibet. There is no unique architecture, no urban prosperity, but she has the first palace, the first king, the first monastery in Tibet history, as well as the first scripture, the first cropland and the first village. Shannan has almost included all of Tibet's "firsts". Here, you will see authentic Tibetan culture and authentic Tibetan customs.

Shannan region has numerous ancient cultural relics and nature attractions: There are magnificent mountains and rivers, and the mysterious sacred mountains and holy lakes; both the picturesque primeval forest, and the vast expansive grassland; both the dangerous the Yarlung Zangbo River waterfall and the long-established heritage relic. Shannan is the destination integrating tourism, entertainment, leisure, scientific investigation and exploration.

Shannan (Tibet)

Altitude: 3,700 meters

Attractions: Yamdroktso, Samye Monastery, Yumbulagang Palace

Best Season:All year

Suggested Duration:3-6 days