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Summer Palace

Located in Haidian District, northwest of Beijing, the Summer Palace is 15 kilometers away from the urban area of Beijing. It is one of the largest and well preserved royal gardens in China, and it is also a world's most famous tourist destination. The Summer Palace is a large-scale natural landscape garden built on the basis on the design methods and artistic conception of the southern gardens. It is also the most complete preserved royal palace garden praised as the Royal Garden Museum. The Summer Palace Scenic Area is large in scale. The palace is centered on the Buddha Fragrance Hall, with more than 100 scenic spots and buildings, more than 20 courtyards, 3555 ancient buildings, and covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters. There are more than 3,000 different types of buildings and more than 1600 ancient trees. Among the buildings, Buddha Fragrance Hall, Long Corridor, Marble Boat, Suzhou Street, Seventeen-Arch Bridge, Harmony Garden, and Grand Stage are all representative buildings.

Summer Palace (Beijing)

Location: Haidian District, northwest of Beijing

Suggested Duration: 4-5 hours

Opening Hours:April to October: 4:30-20:00; November to March:

Category:Cultural landscape