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Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square, located in East Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng District, center of Beijing. Tiananmen Square is the main gate of the Imperial City in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was built in Ming Dynasty in 1417. During the feudal dynasties, Tiananmen Square was a forbidden area outside the main entrance of the Forbidden City. The square is 880 meters from north to south, 500 meters from east to west, and an area of 440,000 square meters. It can accommodate up to 1 million people to hold a grand rally and is the largest city square of the world. The ground of the square is paved with light-colored granite stones. The center stands the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. The west side of the square is the Great Hall of the People. On the east side is the National Museum of China. On the south side are two ancient gate towers built in the 14th century - Zhengyang Gate and Qianmen Arrow Tower. The Tiananmen Rostrum is located at the northern end of the square with 5 gates and 33.7 meters high. Both sides of the Tiananmen Square are the People's Cultural Palace and Zhongshan Park. All these majestic buildings form the Tiananmen Square, making it a major attraction for Beijing.

Tiananmen Square (Beijing)

Location: East Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng District, center of Beijing

Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours

Opening Hours:All day

Category:Cultural landscape

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