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Location: Center of Guanzhong Plain

Suggested Duration: 3-5 days

Attractions:Terra-cotta warriors, Greater Wild Goose Pagoda

Language: Mandarin

Xi'an, formerly known as Chang'an, is the capital of Shaanxi Province and an important central city in western China. Xi'an is one of China's four ancient capitals, and a World Heritage City established by UNESCO in 1981. It is one of the top ten ancient capitals in the world. Located in the middle of the Guanzhong Plain, Xi'an is border on Weihe River on the north and Qinling Mountains on the south.

Xi'an has been an imperial capital since ancient times. It has successively established 13 capitals of China dynasties. It is the birthplace of the Chinese civilization and the Chinese nations, as well as the starting point of the Silk Road. Fenggao Capital, Qin Epang Palace, Terracotta Warriors, Han Weiyang Palace, Changle Palace, Daxing City, Tang Daming Palace, Xingqing Palace, etc. All these palaces outline the "Xi'an Complex".

Xi'an is one of China's best tourist destinations and one of the best cities in China for international imagery. Six heritage sites have been listed on the World Heritage List: Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum and Terracotta Warriors, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Chang'an Da Ming Palace Ruins, Han Chang'an City Weiyang Palace Ruins, Xingjiao Pagoda. There are Xi'an City Wall, Bell and Drum Tower, Huaqing Hot Spring, Zhongnan Mountain, Datang Furong Garden, Shaanxi History Museum, Stele Forest and other attractions.

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