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Xi'an Circumvallation

Xi'an Circumvallation, also known as the Xi'an City Wall, is located in the center of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China. The wall is 12 meters high, 12 to 14 meters wide. The outline is a closed rectangle with a circumference of 13.74 kilometers. It is the largest scale and most complete preserved ancient city wall of China.

The most popular activity of Xi'an Circumvallation is to enjoy a cycling on the wall. Travelers can board the wall from the 8 gates: East (Changle), South (yongning), West (Anding), North (Anyuan), Hepin, Wenchang, Hanguang and Shangde Gate. You can rent a bicycle to ride on the wall. Cycling on the Xi'an Circumvallation is just like a bird flying freely in the sky. It is beyond imagination without the blockage of street lanes. Cycling on the high walls, the historical old city is on your one side and the modern Xi'an metropolis is on the other side.

Xi'an Circumvallation (Xi'An)

Location: Center of Xi'an City

Suggested Duration: 1-3 hours

Opening Hours:08:00-20:00

Category:Cultural landscape

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