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Terracotta Army Xi'an one day tour

Product Code: 1114 Visit the Terracotta Warriors, learn more about Chinese history culture.

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  • Departure place: Lhasa
    Duration: 1 days 0 nights

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The Terracotta Warriors one day tour

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The Terracotta Warriors​, also known as the Terracotta Army, is a buried army of more than 8,000 life size terra cotta soldiers which was designed as the guardian troops of the the grand tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang Di in his afterlife. The tomb took 700,000 slave labors over 39 years to built, yet still not completed when the emperor died.

With the official name Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, The Terracotta Army is now the most famous tourist attractions in Xi'an and a must-see for everyone visiting the city.

Our driver and guide will pick you up at your hotels around 08:00 (Exact pickup time will be notified based on your exact hotel location).

The first stop will be Banpo Museum, which is a neolithic village dating back 6,000 years ago. Spend 1 hour at this prehistoric matriarchal community.

Move on to a terra cotta warriors factory and take 30 minutes to learn how to make terra cotta warriors 2,000 years ago.

Have a buffet lunch with vegetarian options for an hour.

Head to the Terracotta Warriors Museum for a 2-hour tour. Our guides will share their knowledge and answer your questions about the Terracotta Army.

Move on to the Mausoleum of the First Emperor, where Qin Shi Huang Di rested in peace. Stay 40 minutes around here.

The tour ends with a transfer back to your hotel.

Inclusions & Exclusions


Vehicle service: Air-conditioned vehicle

Tour Guide: Live & English

Entrance fee: Terracotta Army

Eating: buffet lunch

​Others: Tolls & Parking fees


Accommodation: Hotel in Xi'an

Transportation: Air & Train ticket to and leave Xi'an

Other: Tips to guide and driver

Cancellation Policy

There are three kinds of cancellations:

Traveler can cancel the trip before departure

Cancellation Time Cancellation Fee
Within 24 hours Free, excludes the other lost (Air or Train tickets).
30 days in advance 20% of total trip cost, excludes the other lost (Air or Train tickets).
7 to 29 days in advance 30% of total trip cost, excludes the other lost (Air or Train tickets).
Less than 7 days in advance 50% of total trip cost, excludes the other lost (Air or Train tickets).
No show up 100% of total trip cost.

The tour will be canceled due to political reason

Cancellation 10 days before departure due to political reason or natural force, no cancellation charge on local tour, but the lost caused by refunding flight tickets and train tickets is on travelers.

If Tour has to be cut off by any physical disease or personal reasons when travelers are in Tibet

Airfare: Travelers can get refund of airfare according to the policy of Airline Company. Local Tour Fee: Travelers can get refund of 60% of unused local tour fee, including admission fee of tourist sites, accommodation fee, tour guide fee, private vehicle fee, etc which are included in tour contract.

Train Fare: Travelers can get 60-80% refund of unused train fare according to the policy.

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