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  • HOT Travel Notes: Drepung Monastery

    Travel Notes: Drepung Monastery

    Travel Notes

    Time: June 27, 2018 People: Me and my wife, and our tour guide Transportation: Car Drepung Monastery​ is one of the six major monasteries of Shamanism. It is also the largest monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. Located about 10km from Lhasa City. Although the road is well built, it is still not an easy journey. The main hall of Drepung Monastery is majesty and spectacular. There are 183 columns with elegant sculptures. the hall is all decorated with embroidery Thangka, figures of Buddha and murals. It is said that the hall is able to contain 8,000 people. The monastery also conserving countless ancient literatures and Buddhist scriptures. My guide told us that walking around the monastery will bring good luck. For we are not travel in peak season, there is few travelers in the monastery. Our gu

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