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  • HOT Travel Notes: Drepung Monastery

    Travel Notes: Drepung Monastery

    Travel Notes

    Time: June 27, 2018 People: Me and my wife, and our tour guide Transportation: Car Drepung Monastery​ is one of the six major monasteries of Shamanism. It is also the largest monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. Located about 10km from Lhasa City. Although the road is well built, it is still not an easy journey. The main hall of Drepung Monastery is majesty and spectacular. There are 183 columns with elegant sculptures. the hall is all decorated with embroidery Thangka, figures of Buddha and murals. It is said that the hall is able to contain 8,000 people. The monastery also conserving countless ancient literatures and Buddhist scriptures. My guide told us that walking around the monastery will bring good luck. For we are not travel in peak season, there is few travelers in the monastery. Our gu

    258 2018-07-03

  • HOT Travel Notes: 7 days Lhasa, Shigatse & Everest Tour

    Travel Notes: 7 days Lhasa, Shigatse & Everest Tour

    Travel Notes

    After a year's preparation, I finally managed to go Tibet and Everest. This is an impressive journey for me, so I am going to share my experience here. It will be so pleased for me if you can learn sth from my words. Plan For a traveler, Tibet is a must-go destination, the Everest is a must-see attraction. And for me, not visiting Mount Everest, not being Tibet. Itinerary I booked a tour in Tibet Trip Booking, a 7 days & 6 nights private tour. Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa Day 2 Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street Day 3 Yamdroktso, Karuola Glacier, Palcho Monastery Day 4 Arrive Everest Base Camp Day 5 Everest Base Camp Day 6 Tashilhunpo Monastery Day 7 Leaving Equipment Winter jacket, down jacket, climbing boots. I travelled in June, it is warmer in many places, except Everest

    507 2018-07-03

  • HOT What kind of clothes should I wear in Tibet?

    What kind of clothes should I wear in Tibet?

    Unique plateau landscape, characteristic ethnic culture, Tibet attracting travelers all over the world to this fantastic land. Because of the unique geographic position, causing a flexible weather condition of Tibet. Some travelers said, Tibet has four seasons in a day. So, what to wear when travel to Tibet? We all hope to wear good-looking, practical and portable clothes. Under the flexible weather condition, how to carry clothes for Tibet? Here, we summarized what to wear in four seasons of Tibet. Spring (March to May) In the early spring of March and April, travelers often go Nyingchi​ to appreciate the peach blossom. During this time, the weather is still chilly in Tibet, and there might be snow falls in higher mountains. Come to May, the temperature will gradually increase, and it fe

    280 2018-06-28

  • HOT What to Eat in Tibet? Special Restaurant Recommendation

    What to Eat in Tibet? Special Restaurant Recommendation

    Travel Culture

    The diet of Tibetan is mainly beef, mutton and dairy products. This has a lot to do with the local climatic conditions. Common staple foods include: yak meat, tsampa, butter tea, barley wine and various dairy products. Butter tea is delicious, rich in nutrition and can weaken altitude sickness; tsampa is one of the traditional staple foods of Tibetan herdsmen; yak meat is natural, healthy, tender and delicious. The unique geographical environment has contributed to local dietary habits. Tibetan food will surely impress your trip to Tibet. Here, we summerized some famous restaurants in Tibet for you. Tibetan Family Kitchen Location: No.1 Pozhang Saba Alley, 

    495 2018-06-25

  • HOT Tibet Airport Group Construction Project Launched

    Tibet Airport Group Construction Project Launched

    Travel News

    In order to further promote the construction of the Tibet civil aviation airport and improve the layout of the Tibet airport network, the China Civil Aviation assistance Tibet airport group construction project has officially started. At present, Tibet has 5 civil airports of Lhasa Kongga International Airport, Qamdo Bangda Airport, Nyingchi Milin Airport, Ngari​ Kunsha Airport and Shigatse Airport. In order to further promote the construction of the Tibet civil airport and complete the infrastructure shortcomings of Tibet aviation, China Civil Aviation Administration proposed a "3+1" assistance in construction project. "3" refers to the three newly-built extension airport projects in Lonzi, Tingri and Puland, and "1" refers to the second runway project at Lha

    339 2018-06-13

  • HOT Tibetan Paper – Recording of Thousand Years

    Tibetan Paper – Recording of Thousand Years

    Travel Culture

    Before the papermaking technology introduced to ancient Tibet, Tibetans used bark, stone piece, bone, wood piece, sheepskin and other materials for writing. After Wencheng Princess brought in the papermaking technology, Tibetans still facing the problem of material for it was hard to find bamboo, paddy or fishnet that was used to make paper in middle China. However, after years of discovery, the craftsmen finally created the special Tibetan paper.(Tibetan paper) Tibetan paper is made from bark fiber and the root fiber of wolfsbane (scientific name: Stellera chamaejasme Linn.). Wolfsbane has colorful flower but contains poison, so it offers perfect features for Tibetan paper, such as moth-resistance, anti-corrasion, anti-discoloration, tough texture and wear-resistance. For the superior cha

    288 2018-06-08

  • HOT Things to Know Before Your First Trip to Tibet

    Things to Know Before Your First Trip to Tibet

    Travel Culture

    Many people choose Tibet as a tour destination to experience the unique plateau landscape. So, we summarized the brief tour guide of Tibet. 1. Where to live? When you first arrive in Tibet, you will arrive in Lhasa City, and the city has plenty of hotels which are close to the attractions. You may also choose smaller inns with similar rooms to hotels (like single room, queen room or family room). Besides, some inns have traveler corners for you to find travel friends or communicate about tour experiences. 2. Where to go? A day tour in Lhasa, visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. Nyingchi Area has lower altitude than Lhasa. A 2 or 3 days' tour will let you visit the "water-town" of Tibet. Shigatse, has higher altitude and the world-famous Mount Everest, a

    207 2018-05-31

  • HOT Saka dawa Festival

    Saka dawa Festival

    Saka dawa Festival also known as the Buddha's auspicious day hold on the 15th day of the 4th Tibetan month. It is a traditional festival of Tibetan Buddhism. For Buddhist believers, it is an extraordinary and sacred day, because the day is associated with the three important affairs in the life of Sakyamuni: Birth, enlightenment, and nirvana. Therefore, various activities are commemorated for this month. Nowadays, the most important activity is Kora. The so-called Kora is a form of pilgrimage in Tibetan Buddhism that walks and prays along the circular route in order to wash away all their sins. For devoted believers, they will walk three steps, then kneel down and prostrate, and then repeat the sequence until they finish walking around the holy mountain. In Lhasa, there are three route

    245 2018-05-21

  • HOT Tibetan New Year

    Tibetan New Year

    Origin Tibetan New Year, also called Losar, is the most important festival for Tibetans. In old ages, it was celebrated in the harvest of barley. When Wen Cheng Princess marry into Tibet in 641AD, the culture of central China was brought in Tibet, including the calendar. Since then, Tibetans celebrate the festival following the manner of central China, till today.​ Dress up & Cleaning When the time goes to the last month of Tibetan calendar, all Tibetan families will start the preparation for the coming New year. Several days before the new year, every male resident must have a hair shave, while every female must wash and tie their braid. People will also clean their houses from the ground to chimney, from inside to outside. Moreover, the road, field path, or even the drawers must be c

    235 2018-05-18