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  • HOT Mount Everest is being cleaned

    Mount Everest is being cleaned

    Travel News

    The southern slope of Mount Everest is being wiped clean. The project is to clean away the rubbish left by tourists and climbers along the Nepalese side of climbing route. In total, more than 100 tons of rubbish will be transported by air. The BBC reported on the 17th that the 1,200 kilograms of rubbish that had been cleaned up on the first day had been airlifted from the nearest Lukla airport to Kathmandu, Nepal, and will be recycled.​ With the increase of tourists and climbers, the rubbish left poses a threat to the ecological environment of Mount Everest. In the past, the rubbish was mainly cleared by the local Sherpa guides. Today, it is coordinated by the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee. Although tourists and climbers are required to collect all the rubbish they produce, the Sh

    230 2018-04-16

  • HOT Lhasa will be embraced by blooming flower

    Lhasa will be embraced by blooming flower

    Travel News

    ​When the steps of spring go through China, a heavy snowfall immersed Lhasa in silver once again. In this field of snow-white, the red flowers look more prominent. The flowering season in Lhasa came late and will last from March to May. When will the flower bloom? Where is the most colorful flower?​To admire the beauty of flowers, we must first discuss about the garden and park. There are more than 20 street gardens and more than 10 large parks in the urban area of ​​Lhasa. The most popular for people is the Zongjiao Lukang Park. During the chilling early spring, the winter jasmines of the park are indicating that the spring is coming. Afterwards, the flowers such as flowering almond, forsythia, crabapple, cherry, daylily, tulip, blackberry, honeysuckle, Chinese rose and peony will also be

    203 2018-04-16

  • HOT Spring plowing in Tibet has begun

    Spring plowing in Tibet has begun

    Travel News

    On March 17th, the farmers in Taj Town, Datse District are throwing tsampa to the sky to pray for a good harvest. The spring plowing ceremony in Songka Village, Taj Town, Datse District. March 17th, is the last day of the first month of Tibetan calendar and is the day of planting. Villages dress in festive costumes, taking highland barley wine and Tibetan pastry, holding "Chema" symbolizing a grain harvest. The cultivating ceremony was held in the field. With the praying of the elderly villager, the opening ceremony began. When the silver plowshares dig open the fertile ground slept for a winter, the villagers rushed to sow the first barley seed, hoping for a harvest year. Villagers in Shigatse are buying agricultural machinery in the market. Villagers are transporting farmyard f

    231 2018-04-16

  • HOT Popular Tibetan Food & Snack

    Popular Tibetan Food & Snack

    Travel Culture

    Tibetan food is one of the genres of Chinese food series, with a long history and rich varieties. Tibetan food has light and mild favor. In addition to salt, onion and garlic, they usually do not put spicy seasonings. Now we will introduce you ten most distinctive Tibetan foods:1. Tibetan cheese cakeGrind the dry starch into a powder, and mixed with butter, sugar, ginseng fruit, peach kernels, raisins, made into round or square shape. With red and green thread patterns on the surface which expressing auspicious and longevity, the cakes are steamed in steamer. It’s a kind of milk-flavored dessert, has nourishing and strengthening body functions. Tibetan cheese cake is a popular food for Tibetan to treat guests.​2. Tibetan blood sausage​The method of making blood sausage is very simple. Put

    338 2018-04-16

  • HOT Fully Prepared before Traveling to Tibet

    Fully Prepared before Traveling to Tibet

    Travel News

    ​In the winter, Tibet's sunshine is more splendid, and the fares of many tourist attractions are half lowered, and there are no queuing troubles. Moreover, Tibet flight and train tickets are also relatively abundant, attracting many tourists to Tibet. Experts reminded that if you want traveling Tibet in winter, you should make adequate preparations, pay attention to keeping warm, prevent UV radiation and dry weather, and especially pay attention to avoid colds to induce altitude sickness. The first is to avoid excessive alcohol consumption before entering Tibet. Take anti-altitude sickness drugs in advance may made your body adapt to the high altitude environment more quickly. Medical experts advise that people with chronic respiratory diseases or cardiovascular diseases need to be cau

    233 2018-04-16

  • HOT Tibet Peach Blossom Festival became a Tourist Booster

    Tibet Peach Blossom Festival became a Tourist Booster

    Travel News

    After the implementation of the preferential policy for 'Winter Tour in Tibet', the surrounding villages of Tibet has ushered in the tourist season more than half a month earlier than previous years. From the beginning of March, there are an average of about 300 tourists visiting the area every day, and the tourism revenue is considerable.​ On March 29, the 16th Peach Blossom Tourism Festival in Nyingchi, Tibet, was opened in the Gara Village. The festival has become a booster for the strong development of Tibet tourism. The flowering period of peach blossom in Nyingchi is from March 15 to April 20, among which March 25 to April 10 is the full-flowering period. Nine years ago, Gara Village had begun to intensify the management of peach blossom tourism, and the ticket sales of 2017

    271 2018-04-16

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