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Tibet Unlocks the Full-time Tourism Pattern

Update time: 2018-05-15 Editor: 0 224
In the past, everyone said that tourism in Tibet was "Overheat in summer but deserted in winter". However, this situation has chan...

In the past, everyone said that tourism in Tibet was "Overheat in summer but deserted in winter". However, this situation has changed this year. Winter tourism preferential policies have boosted Tibet's full-time tourism pattern. Travelers to Tibet in the first four months of 2018 has been significantly higher than in 2017.


Basom Lake is a famous tourist area in Nyingchi, Tibet. Many local Tibetan is managing small shops selling tourist goods here. In the past, how famous is the scenic spot is, it will become deserted in the winter, and Basom Lake was no exception. This year, there are some differences here. A shop owner said that her shop was not closed for the first time in winter: "There was no business in winter before, but this year is not the same. Our monthly revenue during the months is more than 20,000 RMB."

The growth is mainly because of the preferential policies introduced by Tibet government for the off-season tourism. In fact, winter Tibet has much more magnificent scenery and there are more folk cultural activities concentrated. Tibet then launched the event of "Winter Touring Tibet • Sharing the Third Pole of the Earth". From February, 2018, Tourist to Tibet can enjoy free attraction tickets and many benefits for accommodation and transportation. After the preferential policies, the growth of tourists reached 195%, which is three times that of last year. Although there is no ticket income for the scenic areas, the sharp increase tourists boosted local tourism and service industry.


These concessions were to be ended on April 30. However, seeing the continued "blowout" in the tourism market, the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region decided to postpone some preferential policies to June 30th. According to the new policy, 26 major scenic spots, such as the Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka, Lake Namtso, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Mount Everest, will implement a half-price ticket policy until June 30. However, Potala Palace has reached its limit so there will be no ticket discounts.


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