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Popular Tibetan Food & Snack

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Tibetan food is one of the genres of Chinese food series, with a long history and rich varieties. Tibetan food has light and mild favor. In addition to salt, onion and garlic, they usually do not put spicy seasonings.

Tibetan food is one of the genres of Chinese food series, with a long history and rich varieties. Tibetan food has light and mild favor. In addition to salt, onion and garlic, they usually do not put spicy seasonings. Now we will introduce you ten most distinctive Tibetan foods:

1. Tibetan cheese cake

Grind the dry starch into a powder, and mixed with butter, sugar, ginseng fruit, peach kernels, raisins, made into round or square shape. With red and green thread patterns on the surface which expressing auspicious and longevity, the cakes are steamed in steamer. It’s a kind of milk-flavored dessert, has nourishing and strengthening body functions. Tibetan cheese cake is a popular food for Tibetan to treat guests.


2. Tibetan blood sausage

The method of making blood sausage is very simple. Put appropriate amounts of salt, pepper and lotus root powder in sheep's blood, then mix with mutton, pour into the intestine. And then use wire to tie into small sections. The recipe is familiar as making sausages. After being boiled, it can be eaten. When eating, the blood sausage tasted fresh and tender. If it is carefully processed by the chef, it will become a dish full of color, aroma and taste. At the same time, it can be tasted with chili sauce.


3. Tibetan noodles

The noodles are made with concentrated alkaline water and flour, and then pressed into noodles. After boiled, the noodles are put into bone soup, then add some vegetable oil, beef or lamb diced, then a bowl of fresh taste Tibetan noodles is right for you to taste.


4. Butter

Butter is extracted from cow or goat milk. The method for extracting butter in Tibet is very simple. It warms the milk slightly, then pours it into a large wooden barrel and beats it back and forth hundreds of times, until the oil and water are separated. And then, collect the layer of light yellow fatty material floats on top and put into a leather pocket. After cooling down, it becomes the butter. Butter has a high nutritional value and there are many ways to eat it, but the main thing in Tibet is to make buttered tea.


5. Air dried beef and mutton

Tibetans like to eat dried beef and mutton. Dried meat is generally made in the winter, usually at the end of November. At this time, the temperatures are relatively low. People cut off the meat and hang the meat for air drying. After March of the next year, the meat that has already been air-dried can be baked or eaten raw. In the high-cold areas of Tibet, dried food is not susceptible to mildew, and is very delicious and easy to carry. So today, dried meat is still very popular for local people and tourists.


6. Tibetan curry

Tibetan curry is the best dish for local people when eating rice. They cut the boiled potatoes into small pieces, then fry the scallion and mutton, and finally stew the materials together with water and add salt, ginger, fennel, pepper, cloves and other spices, mix and cook. Tibetan curry is delicious and colorful.


7. Tsampa

Tsampa is a kind of main course for Tibetan people. They fry the highland barley and grind it into flour. When eating, mix it with butter tea and squeeze with your fingers. Tsampa is easy to make, nutritious and easy to carry. It is popular for tourists because it is perhaps the best take-away food for fighting against hunger and cold weather.


8. Milk residue bun

Tibetan people decompose yak milk in a traditional and unique way. The most valuable and most essential is the butter, and the rest is the milk residue. Tibetan people eat dry milk residue as snack, but the favor may not suitable for tourists. But if made into milk residue buns, it will be a wonderful snack for everyone.


9. Masen:

Masen is a kind of cubic cake made by Tibetan people. People stir and mix tsampa, butter, milk residue and crushed brown sugar together, then put into a square wooden box, after stuffed and compacted by hands, the sweet and delicious Masen cake is made.


10. Lulang stone pot chicken

Lulang stone pot chicken uses local chickens as material, as well as palm ginseng, mushroom, wolfberry, red date, star anise, pepper, etc. Put all the ingredients in the stone pot and simmer slowly in small fire. After four or five hours, until you can smell the herbs, the chicken is cooked. The stone pot is made of mica and contains a variety of mineral trace elements. When stewed chicken, it is also distributed to the soup. The entire pot of chicken is rich in nutrition and is delicious.



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