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What to Eat in Tibet? Special Restaurant Recommendation

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The diet of Tibetan is mainly beef, mutton and dairy products. This has a lot to do with the local climatic conditions. Common staple foods ...

The diet of Tibetan is mainly beef, mutton and dairy products. This has a lot to do with the local climatic conditions. Common staple foods include: yak meat, tsampa, butter tea, barley wine and various dairy products. Butter tea is delicious, rich in nutrition and can weaken altitude sickness; tsampa is one of the traditional staple foods of Tibetan herdsmen; yak meat is natural, healthy, tender and delicious. The unique geographical environment has contributed to local dietary habits. Tibetan food will surely impress your trip to Tibet. Here, we summerized some famous restaurants in Tibet for you.

Tibetan Family Kitchen
Tibet restaurant 1

Location: No.1 Pozhang Saba Alley, Bakhor south street, Lhasa

Gourmet: Tibetan food, vegetarian friendly, vegan options, gluten free options

The restaurant uses only the best ingredients and offer both vegetarian and low-fat options. The cook is a local Tibetan who is well-known in Lhasa for making some of the best food! All of the staff speak English, Tibetan and Chinese.

Dunya Restaurant
Tibet restaurant 2

Location: No.100 East Beijing Road, Lhasa

Gourmet: European, Asian, International, vegetarian friendly, vegan options

Serving an excellent selection of international and Tibetan dishes, the kitchen meets European hygienic standards, with a foreign chef, and we purchase only top-quality meats and vegetables. We also provide organically processed Yak cheese from Tibet.

Tiancun Hotpot
Tibet restaurant 3

Location: North Deji Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa

Gourmet: Hotpot

The restaurant locates in an alley. The facade is not luxury but very clean. It offers large hotpot with all kinds of food materials, such as pickle, bamboo shoot, chicken, taro, carrot, etc. Customers can also put noodle and other vegetable. The soup base is also very tasty to eat.

Guangminggang Sweet Tea House

Location: Danjielin Road (Main road to Jokhang Temple)

Gourmet: Sweet tea, Tibetan noodle, Tibetan dumpling

A famous restaurant. Many local Tibetans like to have a tea here. When you go inside, just pick a glass, find a seat and put some loose change on the table, the waiter will carry a large pot to serve you the tea. The signature sweet tea is hot, soft with strong milk smell.

Qianzhan Yak Yogurt Shop
Tibet restaurant 5

Location: West of Potala Palace

Gourmet: All kinds of yogurt

A geniality shop with appropriately Tibetan decoration, with travelers' picture on the wall and travel diaries on the table. The most popular is plain yogurt and ginseng fruit yogurt.

Old Lhasa Congee Shop
Tibet restaurant 7

Location: No.28, North Deji Road

Gourmet: All kinds of congee, fried dishes

A small shop with 5 to 6 tables offers all kinds of congee, such as truffle chicken congee and scallop shrimp congee. The mild favor is very suitable for the people who don't like local Tibetan food. Some fried dishes are also tasty and affordable.

Snowland Restaurant
Tibet restaurant 8

Location: Danjielin Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa (Near Jokhang Temple)

Gourmet: Tibetan food, Nepal food

One of the most popular restaurant in Lhasa offering Tibetan food, as well as Nepal dishes. The master used to study abroad in Swiss, the chief cook is a professional Nepalese chef. All the waiters can speak Chinese, Tibetan and English. The food is well cooked with excellent favor, while the price is reasonable.

Namaste Restaurant
Tibet restaurant 9

Location: Yutuo Road, near Jokhang Temple

Gourmet: Curry, lamb, Marsala chicken with muffin

The restaurant offers Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese food. For the good favor, the restaurant is extremely popular, especially during dining time. The most famous dish is Marsala chicken with muffin. The owner is an authentic Nepalese so the restaurant also offering delicious Nepalese food.

Gangki Restaurant
Tibet restaurant 10

Location: Jokhang Temple Square

Gourmet: Potato bun, yak meat

An inconspicuous restaurant on the side of Jokhang Temple Square. The large terrace right facing the Jokhang Temple Square. The restaurant offers Tibetan and Indian dishes. After visiting the Jokhang Temple, it is a good choice to have a rest and some tea here.

​Makye Ame
Tibet restaurant 11

Location: South-east corner of Barkhor Street

Gourmet: Roast mutton chop, yogurt, roast mushroom

Here is supposed to be the most famous restaurant in Lhasa. This earth yellow building is said to be the place for Tsangyang Gyatso, the 6th Dalai Lama and a famous romance poet, to meet his lover. So, here is a great place for dating. The restaurant offers Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese dishes. Sitting in the terrace of the 3rd floor, you can have a far view the Potala Palace and close look of Barkhor Street.

Lamo Traditional Tibetan Restaurant
Tibet restaurant 12

Location: Najin Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa

Gourmet: Potato bun, highland barley wine

A well-known specialty restaurant located in an alley, includes a garden and a two layers house. With simple decoration, the restaurant offers substantial but delicious food. The potato bun, made with potato skin and beef stuffing, is special and tasty.

Tibetan Banquet
Tibet restaurant 13

Location: New Tuanjie Village

Gourmet: Roast mutton chop, potato bun, ox tongue

Tibetan decoration, Tibetan tableware, Tibetan dressed waiters, here is a restaurant for you to experience the culture of Tibet. No matter where you from, here is a good place for you to have a big meal.

Nepal Saussurea Restaurant
Tibet restaurant 14

Location: No.59 North Beijing Street, Lhasa

Gourmet: Nepalese sweet tea, Nepalese curry set

The restaurant is decorated in Nepalese style, the owner and waiters are all Nepalese. The top dish is the beef curry set with rice or muffin.

Jixiang Saint Snow Tibetan Food
Tibet restaurant 15

Location: New Zaxi Village, Lhasa

Gourmet: Stewed beef with sour turnips, mutton chop

The restaurant is hidden in an alley and is also an inn. The owner is a friendly granny, she may introduce you some history and culture and take you to visit the inn. Stewed beef with sour turnips is the signature dish, the mutton chop is also delicious.

Anduonuozeng Tibetan Food
Tibet restaurant 16

Location: No.2 Balangxuewu Alley, North Beijing Road, Chengguan District

Gourmet: Ando pie with yak meat, butter roast mushroom

A family restaurant with Tibetan decoration. The signature dish is the Ando pie with yak meat. The pie is made of highland barley powder and stuffed with potato, yak meat and onion.


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