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Travel Notes: 7 days Lhasa, Shigatse & Everest Tour

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After a year's preparation, I finally managed to go Tibet and Everest. This is an impressive journey for me, so I am going to share my experience here. It will be so pleased for me if you can learn sth from my words.

After a year's preparation, I finally managed to go Tibet and Everest. This is an impressive journey for me, so I am going to share my experience here. It will be so pleased for me if you can learn sth from my words.


For a traveler, Tibet is a must-go destination, the Everest is a must-see attraction.

And for me, not visiting Mount Everest, not being Tibet.


I booked a tour in Tibet Trip Booking, a 7 days & 6 nights private tour.

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa

Day 2 Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street

Day 3 Yamdroktso, Karuola Glacier, Palcho Monastery

Day 4 Arrive Everest Base Camp

Day 5 Everest Base Camp

Day 6 Tashilhunpo Monastery

Day 7 Leaving


Winter jacket, down jacket, climbing boots.

I travelled in June, it is warmer in many places, except Everest. I took my thickest clothes to keep warm.

iPhone6, Cannon camera, tripod (highly recommended, to shoot the night sky)


The travel agent applied all documents needed and is all free.

Me and my guide



June 4, arrive in Tibet

Tibet is much cooler than Chengdu, even the sunshine is stronger. I follow the advice of my travel consultant: not to have a bath and have a good rest. Preparing for my Tibet tour.

June 5, Lhasa City tour

I think as an exerciser, I could conquer altitude sickness easily. But I was wrong.

I breathe heavily even if I walk up a platform bridge.

However, maybe I do have a good rest, I felt no suffering when visiting Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. I had my meals in Barkhor Street. I think Tibetan food is not so unbearable for me.


June 6, Yamdroktso & Palcho Monastery

Today I am head to Shigatse and visit the Yamdroktso and Palcho Monastery along the way.

In one of the sacred lakes of Tibet, the Yamdroktso, I discovered her versatile beauty from all directions. Standing in different places, you will find different colors of the sacred lake: green, deep blue, crystal like, or become golden under the sun.

In the afternoon, I arrive at a small county and visit the Palcho Monastery. I am surprised that such a little county can have a so large and beautiful monastery.

Then I arrive Shigatse to have a meal and rest.

June 7, Everest

Finally, the fist destination of my trip, the Everest. Non-Chinese travelers need an alien's travel permit to visit Everest, but my guide managed this last night. Thanks for his work!

On the way to Everest Base Camp, the altitude gradually increases. I feel a little uncomfortable but is okay. I saw some other travelers have to take pills.

We arrive Rumbuk Monastery at noon, and I finally lay my eyes on the Mount Everest. Until today, I can't find a word to express my feeling.

I stay overnight in the guest house of base camp. It is extremely cold and windy around the camp that even my thickest jacket cannot defend the freezing wind. Fortunately, my guide helps me to rent a green color military coat. It looks funny on me, but effective to prevent the wind.

The food offered in the camp is not so tasty, the guest house only providing the basic equipment for a board. I mean, the "most" basic. So, don't expect to have a warm shower or a comfortable bed. This is the price you have to pay in order to see the Mount Everest.

June 8, leave Everest and return Shigatse

Most of our group didn't have a good rest in the camp, but I still get up early to see the sun rise of Everest. Lucky enough, this day is clear and bright. When the rising sun paint Everest peak into golden color, I think all the difficulty is just worst it.

The returning journey is relaxed and comfortable. And I can have delicious meals and hotel room again.

June 9, Tashilhunpo Monastery, return Lhasa

When driven back to Lhasa, my journey will come to an end. Along the way I visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery, the last attraction of the tour.

I arrive Lhasa in the afternoon, and still have some time to buy some souvenirs in Barkhor street. My guide helped me a lot when choosing the souvenirs, because some objects cannot be take to the plane, or can be illegal in some countries, such as some bone-made artifacts and the Tibetan knives.


June 10, farewell, Tibet

Every journey comes to an end. Anyway, this Tibet tour is impressive to me. I saw not only the landscape and monasteries, but more than that. Maybe one time in the future, I will launch my second visit to Tibet. Before that, I will keep the memory in my mind.


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