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What kind of clothes should I wear in Tibet?

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Unique plateau landscape, characteristic ethnic culture, Tibet attracting travelers all over the world to this fantastic land. Because of th...

Unique plateau landscape, characteristic ethnic culture, Tibet attracting travelers all over the world to this fantastic land. Because of the unique geographic position, causing a flexible weather condition of Tibet.

Some travelers said, Tibet has four seasons in a day. So, what to wear when travel to Tibet? We all hope to wear good-looking, practical and portable clothes. Under the flexible weather condition, how to carry clothes for Tibet? Here, we summarized what to wear in four seasons of Tibet.

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Spring (March to May)

In the early spring of March and April, travelers often go Nyingchi​ to appreciate the peach blossom. During this time, the weather is still chilly in Tibet, and there might be snow falls in higher mountains. Come to May, the temperature will gradually increase, and it feels like early summer after middle third of May. So, we suggest these clothes:

Casual wear, outdoor wear or sportswear will be suitable, suggest to choose double-layer or thicker coat, cotton sweater or warm suit; Choose a little thicker and suitable for walking trousers, add a warm cotton pants if you need.

Summer (June to August)

June to August is the peak season of Tibet traveling. During this time, Tibet has comfortable temperature and plenty of sunshine. But, the rain falls are also plenty, and will be more landslide and debris flow. If encountered with strong rain fall, travelers should not take the risk to trip around.

In summer, the sacred lake Namtso is unfreeze, and more travelers go to Ngari and Everest. If going to these high-altitude regions, and winter jacket or down jacket is required, because it might be cold and windy at night. These clothes are suggested for summer Tibet:

Casual wear, outdoor wear, sportswear, long-sleeved T-shirt, shirt, a pair of thin warm pants if needed.

Autumn (September to November)

In September and October, it is still warm in Tibet. With less rain fall, touring is safer. Tibet has breath-taking scenery in autumns, more travelers choose to visit Ngari and Nyingchi. When goes to the end of October, the step of winter draws near. It will be much cooler to travel Tibet.

If you are going high-altitude district, like Ngari, sweater and down jacket are necessary, because the temperature may drop under 0℃。

If you are traveling Lhasa or Nyingchi, wear thicker coat and thermal underwear, and wear sports pants and thicker long trousers.

Winter (December to next February)

In winters, most of Tibet will be covered by snow and ice, many mountain roads will be blocked. It is not recommended to travel Tibet in winters. However, if you want to experience the elegant demeanor of the snow-covered plateau, you should prepare the following clothes:

Down jacket, cotton-padded cloth, thick sweater, warm suite, thick casual pants, outdoor pants, cotton-padded trousers, woolen underpants.


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