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Travel Notes: One Day with Namtso

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About itinerary Time: August 14, 2017 Travel companion: Me and my 3 friends Transport: Group travel in tour vehicle. Round trip 13 hours fro...

About itinerary

Time: August 14, 2017

Travel companion: Me and my 3 friends

Transport: Group travel in tour vehicle. Round trip 13 hours from Lhasa to Damxung and arrive in Namtso​. Stay in Namtso for 1.5 hour.

Expense: RMB 300 per person, including car fare, tour guide and ticket.


From Lhasa to Namtso

We arrive Lhasa by train in June 30, 2018 and have a rest. In July 1, we head to Namtso.

Early in the morning, we depart when daybreak. The car runs along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. The highway is smooth and steady. When the sky becomes brighter, the sight view outside becomes clearer. When we drive closer to the snow-capped mountain, we saw the first sunrise in Tibet.

The altitude of northern Tibet is relatively high, so it is suitable for yak grazing. The white tents of Tibetans and yak groups decorating on the background of green grassland and white mountains. Vast and boundless, but full of passion.

Along the way, our driver worried about the cloudy weather and possible rain fall. But the clouds gradually disappear when we enter the scenic spot of Namtso.

It is still about some kilometers to the lake side. We drive over the mountain, and then the holy lake rushed to our eyes. Far on the horizon, the deep blue water just like a huge sapphire casted in the land.


The Holy Lake

Pass through the mountain, the road becomes bumping, but the scenery becomes more and more beautiful. Our car parked on the lake side. We have no time to concern our tired body and rush to the lake.

It is indeed beautiful, the endless blue lake and the crystal clear blue sky, it is impossible to tell where the lake is and where the blue sky is, it seems that the sky is connected with the water. Looking around, the snow-capped mountains embraced the Namtso in the arms.

A lot of yaks stroll along the lake and embellish the beautiful pictures that are rare in this world. However, they are not a free walk, but are kept by their owners to the tourists to pay for photos, which is inconsistent with this holy beauty.

I want to spend a night at this lake, look at your starry sky in the night, look at your beautiful face in the morning glow, and look at your graceful posture in the sunset.

I reluctantly left the lake and got on the bus.

Goodbye Namtso, my dear holy lake, beautiful fairy, I will come again.


A little thought

Traveling to Namtso, you need courage and good weather. The mountains around has an altitude of more than 5,000 meters and the lake has a height of 4,718 meters. Fortunately, all of us are okay, and no one has any discomfort. Riding in a 13-hour car and watching the scenery for one and a half hours is worth it, because we have come and watched the beautiful and charming Namtso, which is very good.


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