Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet entry permit, TTP) is an official document for non-Chinese passport or ID card holder to enter Tibet issued by the Tibet autonomous region tourism development commission (Tibet Tourism Bureau) and the Tibet autonomous region public security bureau. In addition to China visa, it is the secondary must document for international tourist to visit Tibet. You can board a flight or train to Tibet successfully with a TTP. Generally, for applying a TTP, we need travelers to submit the scanned copy of passport and visa at least 20 to 30 days in advance.

The latest policy

According to the latest policy of the Tibet Tourism Bureau, there are no restrictions of nationality or group size when applying a TTP. But, travelers have to book a tour service through a Tibet travel agency and let the agency to apply for the TTP. Currently, Tibet Tourism Bureau does not accept any individual applying.

Tibet Travel Permit
Tibet Travel Permit

Who needs to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit?

1, Non-Chinese nationality tourists: American citizens, British citizens, French citizens, German citizens, etc., all other non-Chinese passport or ID card holders.

2, Overseas Chinese who don’t have a valid Chinese passport or ID card.

3, Taiwan residents who hold Taiwan passport and mainland travel permit.
(Note: Hong Kong and Macao residents who hold SAR passport, Home Visiting Certificate or mainland travel Permit do not need to apply for a Tibet travel permit)

How to apply a Tibet Travel Permit?

To obtain a Tibet travel permit, travelers have to book our tour service (group tour or private tour) and apply it through Tibet travel agency, According to the policy of Tibet tourism bureau, no travel agency can apply the Tibet travel permit for traveler without organized tour, because it is illegal. So what are the conditions for obtaining a Tibet travel permit?

1, Travelers hold a passport valid time more than 6 months and a valid Chinese visa.

2, With a detailed itinerary, including specific dates of to and leave Tibet, number of travelers, duration of tour, destinations and attractions etc. If you don't have a plan just contact us via: sales@tibettripbooking.com our travel consultant will design a fitted tour for you.

3, The last city stop and transportation option before you arrive in Lhasa; The next stop city and transportation option after the trip.

4, A valid Chinese address (Hotel or other mainland China address) for receiving the Tibet Travel Permit.

The other requirements

The category of your Chinese visa should be L (visitor visa). If not you will be required to offer an extra certificate. Details please consult us.

  • Submit orders

    Select your ideal tour

    Select a fitted tour which includes all attractions that you want to visit. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about tour.

  • Submit orders

    Confirming & Booking

    Please confirm the following details with us: your travel date, number of travelers, transportation to and leave Tibet, tour etc.

  • Submit orders

    Submit Your documents

    After your tour booked, please send us the scanned copies of your passport & Chinese visa or other required document.

  • Submit orders

    Receiving & Entry

    Under normal circumstance,it requires 10-15 days to issue your submissions. We will deliver the original TTP to your hotel in China mainland or available address once it’s issued.

Other Required Entry Permits

  • Alien's Travel Permit
    Alien's Travel Permit

    Also known as PSB permit, which is a must have document issued by Public Security Bureau in Tibet for international travelers to visit outside of Lhasa area, for example Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi region.

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  • Military Permit
    Military Permit

    Issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet, Which is an extra official must have document for international travelers to visit unopened areas in Tibet, such as the Ngari Prefecture, Changdu area, Some parts of Nyingc-hi and Shannan prefecture.

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  • Tibet Group Visa
    Tibet Group Visa

    Tibet Group Visa is a special type of single entry Chinese visa normally maximum 30 days valid and issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu Nepal for international travelers who plan to enter Tibet from Nepal. According to the regulations of Tibet group vis

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  • The Border Pass
    The Border Pass

    Issued by Tibet public security frontier corps, which is a needed document for international travelers who intend to visit Tibet border regions, such as Everest, Zhangmu, Yadong, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, etc. All applicants need to contact a Tibet

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Apply your Permit online

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1. What special documents do international visitors need in Tibet?

A: According to the regulations of Tibet local government, oversea travelers need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit through Lhasa tourism agency.

2. What documents are needed when applying for the Tibet Travel Permit?

A: You need to provide a scanned copy of your passport and visa. Send to: sales@tibettripbooking.com

3. How long does it take to apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

A: Normally it takes 10-15 working days, and the time could be extended during public holidays in China. So, we highly recommend that you apply for it about 30 days before departure.

4. Can I apply for a Tibet Travel Permit without a tour through a travel agency?

A: According to the regulations of local government, international travelers must apply for Tibet Travel Permit with organized itinerary through a travel agency. Otherwise, independent traveling will not be approved.

5. What information do I need to provide in addition to passports and visa when I apply for a Tibet Travel Permit?

A: To apply for Tibet Travel Permit, you need to provide a valid passport, a valid Chinese visa, the number of travelers, itinerary arrangements, date of departure and leaving, means of transportation and other special requirements.

6. Under what circumstances do I need to show my Tibet Travel Permit?

A: When going on a flight or a train to Lhasa, you need to show your permit when check in, or you will be denied boarding. When you arrive at a border checkpoint or purchase tickets for attractions, you need to show your permit, too.

7. In addition of the Tibet Travel Permit, do I need other special documents?

A: If you are about to visit Lhasa, Shigatse area (excluding Everest) and Nagqu area, you only need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit; if your itinerary includes Everest, Ngari and Nyingchi area, then you need an extra permit. But don't worry, we will handle all necessary documents for you according to your itinerary.

8. How do I get my Tibet Travel Permit?

A: Once we have obtained the Tibet Travel Permit, we will promptly send the original permit document to your address in China, or to your hotel in China, in order to guarantee that you can get it on time.

9. How long is the validity period of the Tibet Travel Permit?

A: The validity period is based on your itinerary. If your itinerary is from May 1 to May 10, then your Tibet Travel Permit will be valid from May 1 to May 10 and be expired since May 11. So, this is why we need you to confirm your travel time in advance.

10. Can the Tibet Travel Permit be delivered to my country?

A: We do not recommend this, because it takes a long time and it will be very troublesome if it is lost during mailing. Therefore, we strongly recommend mailing it to a China address, or to the hotel where you are staying or the city in which you are transiting. We guarantee that the Tibet Travel Permit be delivered to you safely.

11. What if my China visa category is not L (tourism visa)?

A: To applying for a Tibet Travel Permit requires your China visa must be tourism visa (L), if not, you need to offer an extra certificate to prove the purpose of you visiting. Eg. If your visa category is Z (working visa), a working certificate from your company in China must be provided.