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Alien's Travel Permit

Alien's Travel Permit

  • Duration:Less than one day
  • Required:Passport and China visa
  • Expiry Date:The day on your leaving of Tibet
  • Issued By:Public Security Bureau in Tibet

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Alien's Travel Permit

Alien's travel permit, also known as PSB permit, which is a must document issued by Public Security Bureau in Tibet for international travelers to visit outside of Lhasa area, for example Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi region. Please note: the Alien's Travel Permit doesn't need to apply for 30 days in advance, It will be not required to show when you board a train or flight to Tibet. Generally, if your itinerary involves any destination out of Lhasa, we will apply it with your orig-inal passport after you arrive in Lhasa.

Which areas require the Alien's Travel Permit?

Currently, if your itinerary involves only Lhasa and Nagqu (Lake Namtso), you just need a Tibet Travel Permit. But if you are going to visit the following areas and attractions, you will need to apply for an Alien's travel permit:




Everest base camp, Rungbuk Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Khari La Glacie


Palcho Monastery

Nyingchi Region

Lake Basum, Mt.Namjaparwa, Bomi

Shannan Region

Lake YamdrokTso, Samye Monastery, Changdruk Temple, Yumbulagang Palace, Tomb of Tibetan King

Ngari Region

Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar

Changdu Regin



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