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Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit

  • Duration:15-20 days
  • Required:Passport and China visa
  • Expiry Date:The day on your leaving of Tibet
  • Issued By:Tibet Tourism Bureau

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Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet travel permit, also known as "Tibet entry permit" or TTP, issued by the Tibet autonomous region tourism develo-pment commission(also known as”Tibet Tourism Bureau”) and the Tibet autonomous region public security bureau, w-hich is an official document for non-Chinese passport or ID card holder to enter Tibet. In addition to the Chinese visa, it is the secondary must document for international tourist to visit Tibet. You can board a flight or train to Tibet succes-sfully with a TTP. Generally, For apply a TTP, we need travelers to submit the scanned copy of passport and visa at l-east 20 to 30 days in advance.

The latest policy

According to the latest policy of the Tibet tourism bureau, To apply a TTP without restrictions for number, nationality or group size. But travelers have to book tour service and apply for it through Tibet travel agency. Currently, Tibet tourism bureau does not accept any individual applying.

Who needs to apply for a Tibet travel permit?

1, Non-Chinese nationality tourists: American citizens, British citizens, French citizens, German citizens, etc., all other non-Chinese passport or ID card holders..

2, Overseas Chinese who don’t have a valid Chinese passport or ID card.

3, Taiwan residents who hold Taiwan passport and mainland travel permit.

( Note: Hong Kong and Macao residents who hold SAR passport, Home Visiting Certificate or mainland travel Permit do not need to apply for a Tibet travel permit )

How to apply a Tibet Travel Permit?

To obtain a Tibet travel permit, travelers have to book tour service (group tour or private tour) and apply it through Tib-et travel agency, According to the policy of Tibet tourism bureau, no travel agency can apply the Tibet travel permit for traveler without tour service, because it is illegal. So what are the conditions for obtaining a Tibet travel permit?

1, Travelers hold a passport valid time more than 6 months and a valid Chinese visa.

2, With a detailed itinerary, including specific dates of to and leave Tibet, number of travelers, duration of tour, destin-ations and attractions etc. If you don't have a plan just contact us via: sales@tibettripbooking.com our travel consulta-nt will design a fitted tour for you.

3, The last city stop and transportation option before you arrive in Lhasa; The next stop city and transportation option after the trip.

4, A valid Chinese address( Hotel or other mainland China address) for receiving the Tibet Travel Permit. 

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